Corpus Christi Anglican Church

            Rogers Arkansa

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The Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite maintains and holds to the historic apostolic succession of Bishops as essential for the Church. Generally speaking, the HCCAR comes from two major historic lines of succession. The first is of course the historic line of the episcopate that began in England as early as the first or second century. It also comes from the Scottish Non-Jurors (Scottish Bishops who did not swear allegiance to William and Mary who were bound by their oaths to the Stuarts). These Bishops ordained the first American Bishop Samuel Seabury after the American Revolution. Also, as continuing Anglicans, during the Affirmation of St. Louis of 1977, we were brought into the Chambers Succession. Albert Author Chambers was co-consecrated a Bishop by bishops of the Polish National Catholic Church. The Polish National Catholic Church is in communion with the Roman Catholic Church and their holy orders fully recognized. This brought our line of Apostolic Succession into a line recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. Only Continuing Anglicans have this claim to a line recognized by Rome. Perhaps making a future of reconciliation possible.